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Trapunzel/Elegant Magazine .

Featured in Elegant Magazine

Once upon a time in the lower west side, there was a princess named Rapunzel. She loved action movies and grew up watching them as a child. She loved action films so much that she started to grow tired of living up to the conformity and high standards of her family and decided to stand on her own including taking on obstacle that came her way, even if it meant changing her appearance. A hip and dynamic take on a Fairy-tail favorite.

Creative Director: Inari Briana
Photographer: Inari Briana
Model: Jamillah McWhorter
Designer: Ambril McLaurin
Stylist: Carlea Victoria
Hair: Felistas Mhute
Makeup: Kiana Conforti

Chain Jacket: Carlea Victoria
All Green Outfits: A.G.M
Black Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Grey Long Jacket: LizWear
Cream Pants: Helmut Lang
Orange Sweater: Custom Piece
Green Sandal: Michael Kors